Worship at the Ranch Chapel

Ten minutes a week!  That’s all?!  All the wonderful pastors out there, trying to inspire us, to help us understand and our minds are wandering. We live busy lives, it is hard to focus, right? I’ve been there and I always feel a bit goofy that I can’t discipline my[...]

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Subaru Makes the Posse Cry!

Commercials……..one thing is for sure, we have to watch far too many of them. Far too many of them make you say, “that is the dumbest commercial I have ever seen”! But every once in a while they warm your heart or make you laugh…or cry. Subaru has been getting[...]

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God Bless America!

Hello my friends,  Happy Friday. You have all seen them I am sure, the bumper stickers that say something like, “God bless everyone, period!”.  Indeed, God Bless Everyone. Every thinking, caring, God-fearing American would not think otherwise. Where does this strange resentment come from?  How is it that any American[...]

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