Subaru Makes the Posse Cry!

Commercials…… thing is for sure, we have to watch far too many of them. Far too many of them make you say, “that is the dumbest commercial I have ever seen”! But every once in a while they warm your heart or make you laugh…or cry.

Subaru has been getting on the right side of me lately. You know, Love is Subaru or Subaru is love, whichever.  Any car maker could come out with the same theme. Things that happen in this car make happen in other car makes too.

So when the puppy jumps out of the car in year one and then hobbles out of the car in year fourteen, you just have to feel “good”. Like your car doesn’t also somehow become an emotional attachment for you too. They do.

But they seized on this idea and whether it sells terribly many cars, it makes most of us feel good. I suspect that these good feelings at least subconsciously attach to anything to do with a Subaru. I think that is fine. They deserve that for bringing those good feelings to us.

In the end, some humor, some sentimental feeling, something that we relate to deeply in our lives like the faithful dog or the child we have raised partly in that car is good to bring to our consciousness. So we have a commercial making us laugh. That is very good and probably transcends attempts to convince us of the mechanical merits of one car or another.

Thank you Subaru for putting this in front of us in lieu of something mindless or indecent.



  • Rex

    It was Dr. Edward Demming that brought us Statistical Process Control after the car manufactures saw what he did in Japan for their auto industry. In 1977, I had a Ford that had almost everything go wrong on it at 50,000 miles. Today, I drive a Ford that has 200,000 miles and the engine has never been touched.
    This is why cars last so much longer that a dog will turn old in advertisements: SPC and Total Quality Control.