Uplifting God, Family & Country from the Ranch!

There is a sense of serenity that exudes from the grounds of the Ranch. It feels like what Heaven will be. God’s creative hand was having a very good day, when this place came to be.

It is not an idle or timid place. This is a place of interesting happenings. There are 16 buildings on the Ranch, each with specific purposes and leaders of their missions. Hurting or ailing? Just drop in at Lumpy Urgent Care and you will be treated by Dr. Bendover.  Is he good? Just ask any of the animals he served in his long career as a veterinarian. He is now dabbling in human beings…….

The Lumpy Ridge Ranch is home to Burgerman and Janimal and the rest of the Posse. Expect to see interesting guests who find the Ranch to be something of a unique oasis from their otherwise burdensome lives.

Expecting a spa where you can take a mud bath? Sorry, the only mud bath you may take is from a spill from one of the spirited ranch steeds as you gallop past the renowned Burger Catapult site.

We love the Ranch. We invite you to come often as we chronicle Lumpy Ridge Ranch Happenings every week. Giddy Up!!