Worship at the Ranch Chapel

Ten minutes a week!  That’s all?!  All the wonderful pastors out there, trying to inspire us, to help us understand and our minds are wandering. We live busy lives, it is hard to focus, right? I’ve been there and I always feel a bit goofy that I can’t discipline my mind to engage with the sermonizer for my own good (BTW:  all sermonizers are not created equal!).

Confession and absolution, hymns, the reading of the Word, the Creed, the Prayers, the Lord’s Prayer, Communion all capture our attention…..but the sermon. This is just a brief word of encouragement to our wonderful pastors that we are with them, we support them, but if our feeble minds turn to other things…we apologize!

Whether it is replaying the triumph of yesterday’s college game (or the tragedy) or looking to the feast of NFL football soon to come on Sunday afternoon or non-football things, the sermon puts us in that state of temptation to ruminate…..on everything but the sermon.

Don’t give up folks and neither will I. It is good to worship each week and do honor to the called and ordained pastors who are there to serve their little flocks.


  • Rex

    I visited a church once and the minster had a unique way of keeping members awake. After the church, during meet and greet, he would have feed back. The members especially the men were into asking questions. I too have a tendency to dream when I should be paying attention. So, I take notes and my bulletin looks like a child’s drawing.

  • tom

    Perhaps Rex, you have late onset Attention Deficit Disorder.